Work With Us

OTHA is keen to set up a Tenant Focus Group which would meet regularly and build up members’ skills and knowledge. The role of the Group would be tied into the Charter. It will give us feedback about how we are doing, help us deal with weaknesses, co-ordinate engagement activities (events, surveys, for example) and act as a sounding board for the new plans.

The group would take more control over how the Group would influence OTHA’s work. It would decide what areas needed to be reviewed and how to do it. This may mean full access to our services like being involved in physical inspections, seeing how systems work in our office, mystery shopping….

The possibilities are endless. We have tried to recruit members for a Tenant Focus Group. If you are interested in hearing more or joining such a group, contact Julie McEwan for more information.

What support can OTHA give?

We believe you should never be out of pocket for getting involved and will provide transport costs. We can also provide information in alternative formats or organise interpreters.

Group of people meeting