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Coronavirus, How Our Services are Affected 

The Association will only be able to deal with emergency repairs from 4pm on Friday 20th March 2020 and until further notice. See our updates below for further detail.

We are updating this section of our website where new information becomes available. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated. 

The health and well-being of our community is important to Oak Tree Housing Association. We all need to continue to work together to minimise risk, and act in line with the current advice from the Scottish Government and National Health Service.

Following the increase in Government recommended measures, as you know, OTHA took the difficult decision to close our office to the public at 6.00pm on Tuesday 17 March 2020, until further notice. It is our intention now to continue to provide a service by staff working remotely and telephones being redirected to staff mobiles.

We are still keeping a register of tenants who have self-isolated because they feel unwell or because they are in a higher risk group. Please continue to let us know if you are self-isolating.

If you have a general enquiry, please continue to telephone us on 01475 807000. You will hear a recorded message and you will have the opportunity to leave a message. Please provide:

  • You name
  • Address 
  • Contact telephone number
  • Details of your enquiry

Staff will be checking the messages regularly and your details will be passed to the appropriate member of staff and they will get in touch with you.

Staff working remotely may be contacting you over the course of the period of closure - they will be using mobile numbers that you may not recognise.

The Association is aware that a number of our tenants are going to be facing financial difficulties as a result of this extreme and unexpected situation.

The Association is not able to waive or reduce rent charges as a result of the Corona Virus emergency but what we will do is work with any of our tenants who are affected and whose wages are reduced or in the worst-case scenario they have lost their job.

We can make individual payment arrangements to allow tenants who have to miss payments due to their circumstances to catch up with their rent over a longer period.

There will be some tenants who will need to make a claim for Universal Credit and we will give advice and assistance if required.

How services are affected

We are keeping a register of tenants who have self-isolated so that we do not send staff or contractors to their homes. Please tell us if you are self-isolating.

You can pay by card over the phone and by the customer portal as well as the other normal methods. We are happy to give advice on all possible methods.

Home visits will only be carried out if essential and we have assessed the risk for the tenant, the contractor and the staff member. We will be asking screening questions to help us all to keep safe. Any personal information will be handled in line with GDPR.

All works are suspended with the exception of emergency repairsGas servicing has been suspended.  OTHA's gas contractor, Gas Sure, has also advised emergency repairs will also be subject now to only extreme cases and if necessary temporary heater(s) will be left at door to alleviate the emergency.

We will keep this news article and social media pages updated on a regular basis depending on advice received from the Scottish Government and the National Health Service.

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