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Our Management Committee currently has members who bring a range of skills to the table.  Some are tenants or factored owners who experience our services directly.  This provides them with a unique insight which is very helpful.  Other members bring experience from their professional life in business, management or finance.

  • a member of the Association (this costs £1) Membership Application Form
  • aged 16 or over
  • living within the Association's area of operation

Elections are held each year at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is usually held in June.  We contact all our members in advance of our AGM and invite nominations.

If you would like more information about joining the Association or becoming a Management Committee Member, please contact us on 01475 807000 or email

Management Committee Members

Name Position (last elected) Position Held Since Category Current date of joining
Vivienne Hearton Chairperson (17.08.2021) 26.04.2021 Tenant 29.10.2018
James Paton Vice Chair (17.08.2021) 17.08.2021 Tenant 26.10.2020
Doreen Williams Secretary (22.09.2020) 17.08.2021 Tenant 22.09.2020
Ronny Lee Casual Member (25.10.2021) Other 25.10.2021
Michelle McIlroy Elected Member (17.08.2021) Tenant 26.04.2021
Sandra McMenamin Elected Member (22.09.2020) Tenant 22.08.2019
Veronica Rasmussen Co-opted Member (30.08.2021) Other 30.08.2021
Ross Ahlfeld Co-Opted Member Other 25.10.2021
Sandra Rorison Elected Member (22.09.2020) Other 19.06.2012
Anthony Wilson Elected Member (22.09.2020) Tenant 29.06.2020

The Association is an equal opportunities organisation and welcomes interest and contribution from all sectors of the community. There is always a lot going on at Oak Tree Housing Association, we never stand still.  Being a member of the Oak Tree Housing Association Board means you will be involved in a lot of important decisions.  It is a varied and interesting role. Further information on how to become a Management Committee Member.

Would you like to be part of Oak Tree Housing Association's future?    

More Infomation

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Governance Policy Documents
File Description File Size
Management Committee Expenses Policy PDF icon 533KB
Entitlements, Payments and Benefits Policy PDF icon 620KB
Management Committee Code of Conduct PDF icon 759KB

The Association is managed by a Committee of Management of 15 members and operates currently through three sub-committees as follows:

Board of Management

Housing and Technical Services Sub Committee Finance, Staffing & General Purposes Sub Committee Joint Audit Committee

All Sub Committees meet on a quarterly basis with the Join Audit Committee (which has representatives from both Oak Tree and Cloch Housing Association) having at least three meetings in the year.

File Description File Size
Committee Recruitment Policy PDF icon 260KB
Standing Orders PDF icon 269KB

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Our experienced and qualified staff team are committed to going the extra mile for the tenants and the customers we serve.  All staff can be contacted via our main switchboard 01475 807000 or or by our Contact Us page.

Staff Members

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Management Team
Name Position
Nick Jardine Chief Executive Officer (Job Share)
Anne Culley Chief Executive Officer (Job Share)
Alana Durnin Finance Director
Brian Praties Development & Asset Management Manager
Suk Hopper Maintenance Manager
Hazel Aitken Housing Manager
Name Position
Kirsty Davis Office Manager
Mary McCreadie Senior Clerical Assistant
Elizabeth MacKay Clerical Assistant (part-time)
Jacqueline Harkins Clerical Assistant
Louise McLachlan Clerical Assistant (Temporary)
Development and Asset Management Team
Name Position
Sean Marshall Senior Development Officer
Donald Middleton Clerk of Works
Joanna O'Rourke Senior Maintenance Officer
John Stephens Maintenance Officer
Finance Team
Name Position
Kes Cameron Finance Manager
Gwen Mills Finance Officer
Anita Hunter Finance Assistant
Cheryl Gault Finance Assistant
Ciaran Marshall Finance Administration Assistant (Temporary)
Claudia Ennemoser Finance Officer (part-time)
IT Team
Name Position
Ewan Barr IT Project Manager
Richard Browning IT Assistant
Housing Services
Name Position
Hazel Aitken Housing Manager
Julie McEwan Senior Housing Officer
Linda Smith Housing Assistant (Job Share)
Morag Sharp Housing Officer (Job Share)
Maxine Ferguson Housing Officer (Job Share)
Ann-Marie Mullan Housing Officer
Laurina Mooney Housing Assistant (Job Share)
Louise Ward Housing Officer (Temporary)
Lyndsey Robinson Housing Assistant (Temporary)
Claire McLoone Housing Assistant
Ronnie Bennett Housing Assistant (Part time)
Alana Broadfoot Housing Assistant (Temporary)
Catherine Scott Housing Administration Assistant
Ellie Butcher Housing Administration Assistant (Temporary)
House Keeping Team
Name Position
Eleanor Gallacher Housekeeper
Tracy Swan Housekeeper
Name Position
Sukhdeep Hopper Maintenance Manager
Senior Maintenance Officer (reactive)
Andy MacDonald Maintenance Officer
Brian Roberson Maintenance Officer
Peter MacDonald Maintenance Officer
Claire Scott Repairs Assistant (supervisor)
Karen McDermott Repairs Assistant
Karis McAlinden Repairs Assistant
Human Resources
Name Position
Gillian Boyle Senior HR Officer

Staff Structure

OTHA Staff Structure 2021

File Description File Size
Code of Conduct for Staff PDF icon 234KB

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